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I approach my role @GrowthWorx as a Business Scientist and Entrepreneurial Capitalist.

I discovered in Graduate School the soft sciences respond to the laws of nature like ocean physics or weather systems. Nothing in nature is superfluous, there is a reason for everything, and nature always seeks the most efficient solution.

Business is no exception. 


My consulting experience extends from the Fortune 500 to small business turn-arounds. 


Besides BS and MS degrees in Organizational Development, I have over 100 oceanographic missions leading and managing teams of scientists and technical experts.



I use this approach with all of our partners and train their employees to use our simple tools. The long term impact improves problem solving, decision making, and maintains a measurement backbone. 

FIT - How FIT is your business?  

FOCUS: where is the leverage, what will provide the greatest gain or impact with the least investment.   

IMPROVE: given points of leverage, create initiatives that close the gap between today and the future.  

TRACK: measuring progress to ensure improvements achieve the desired results.

What if you could create a Self-Managing Organization?


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  1. Owner Workouts: Instead of just turning a business from unsustainable to profitable, I work with the owner to help them turn the business around and position it for sale.
  2. Fractional Executive: I take an active role in the company to design, implement, and track initiatives that close the gap between today and the future. Then train your people to run it.
  3. Coaching: support you and your employees to implement improvement plans.
  4. On Call: available to you 12 X 5 to support our DIY Tools or just to discuss what is happening with you.


SEASON 1: Stop Leaving Money on the Table


Given the 8 years of economic stagnation from 2009 until 2017, customer's have suppressed buying decisions awaiting better economic news. Now with the economic upturn, make sure your business gets its share. Checkout our podcasts from Season 1 on maximizing sales.

SEASON 2: It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep


The challenge with revenue is it hides all sins. What matters most is not the increase in revenue, it is the increased margins from selecting better customers and running a tighter operation. Profits are the end result of better cost management.

SEASON 3: Winning the Talent Wars


Now that you have upgraded your customers and increased profitability from managing costs, the next challenge is finding the right people to build the products or deliver the services. There are great people out there, they are just nor working for you.

SEASON 4: Owner as Executive


SEASON'S 1-3 were focused on "What To Do", SEASON 4 is all about the business owner's mindset on their role in the company. This is the first of our interactive books from Solutions on Demand radio.

SEASON 5: DIY Turnaround


Instead of hiring someone like me, what if you did it yourself. SEASON 5 is my script for performaning business turnarounds. We are using the radio show to transform the manual to our next book.

SEASON 6: Reading the Tea Leaves


How does a business owner read economic indicators to determine the right moves? Starting 25 years ago while consulting with the Fortune 500, I taught myself how to translate the economy into business tactics.


Occasionally I will reference an expanded article on the radio, podcast, or in an article. This is where you find those documents for a short-period of time. If it is here, download it now, it might not be here next week.

Measurement v8: Module from the GreenMark Boot Camp Manual on creating a management skeleton - cited in my article on Measuring Managers in the GUAC Magazine.

MacGregor: basis of the book One Minute Manager by Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard. As a biz owner - what would this look like in your company? The first document I provide to new clients to capture where they want to be in 5 years.

Measurement v8 (pdf)


8.1. MacGregor (pdf)