"entrepreneurs are the heroes of our society because they put their soul into the game and risk failure for the rest of us...



Over the last 4 decades I have experienced much of what the consulting industry has to offer including working with giants and pygmies.  The lesson? There are many good ideas impossible to implement. Few of my peers seem to have their feet planted in the rules of business excellence and the challenges of application. The approach is simple, share my experience of what works and explore the risks, and then let the owner decide. 

Action Scientist & Flaneur

Flaneur: "Someone who, unlike a tourist, makes a decision opportunistically at every step to revise his schedule (or his destination) so he can imbibe things based on new information obtained. In research and entrepreneurship, being a flâneur is called looking for optionality".  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

An interesting quote from one of the great contrarian thinkers of the early 21st century. Experts with no skin in the game are just tourists - wandering through your company babbling a foreign language (consulting speak) from the latest business book. You want been there expertise that can adjust their focus and maintain momentum to achieve results.

It also describes how I work with partners, I do not have clients. Working together is an opportunity for everyone to benefit and create great things.     

Auteur, Litterateur, Scribe

At its most basic my role is to describe business success and provide a model that can be replicated by other owners. I use several mediums to achieve that end: writing and broadcasting.


Currently we manage several radio stations in the Greater Richmond Area plus operate the internet radio channel IBGR.  The purpose of the network is to provide quality solutions to the problems of small business growth with solutions on demand.


We just finished writing “Owner as Executive”and was available February 2019 (on our 40th anniversary in the biz) discussing how business owners move from being over paid supervisors to CEO’s of their own company.

Our second book “DIY Turnaround” is for the entrepreneur who wants to get their business back on track without starting over. It covers the operating principles that leads to excellence and how to triage today and build the future. It is part of our latest turnaround and is scheduled for release in July 2019.

The third book in the series is “Owning” about living the life. I am currently interviewing business owners on their acts of creation - transforming dreams into reality and controlling their destiny. If you haven’t noticed entrepreneurs are a different breed. Why do we refuse to play it safe and let somebody else sign our payroll check? We are the growth engine of every major economy in the world and yet treated like thieves.